Zinc phosphating

Zinc phosphating is an outstanding corrosion resistant pre-treatment on steel. Zinc phosphating is used as a pretreatment on a steel base and carried out for 2 reasons: better corrosion resistance and creating better adhesion for the subsequent coating.

The process of Zinc phosphating

Shot blasting Company Asten applies the robust pretreatment layer by means of dipping processes. The products are placed in baskets and pretreated in tubs by way of an overhead crane.  The successive process steps are as follows: first the product is totally alkaline degreased, after which it is thoroughly rinsed. Then, your products are pickled and rinsed again. Subsequently the actual zinc phosphating takes place after which the products are rinsed in water and demineralised water. Once dried up, a coating with excellent corrosion protecting properties has formed, which is a good basis for the durable adhesion of the subsequent coating.

  • Tubs series  (8 tubs):
    3400 x 1000 x 1500 mm
  • Degreasing
    1,250 kg
  • Pickling
  • Zink phosphating (for steel)
  • Passivating (for aluminium)

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