Shot blasting company Asten

Shot blasting Company Asten is specialised in surface treatment of metals. By using the latest techniques, delivering high quality, extensive capacity and short lines of communication, we are a reliable partner for the treatment of your products. Our clientele consists of a range of industries, such as facade construction, metal and construction companies, interior building, engineering, etc.

Why use Shot blasting Company Asten

  • High quality
  • Short delivery times
  • Customer-oriented service
  • Competitive prices
  • High capacity

We like to work in a personal and transparent manner and maintain short communication lines with the customer. We like to exchange ideas about the best ways of surface treatment for a product and provide the customer with appropriate advice. Due to our high capacity, we are able, in consultation with the customer, maintain short delivery times, even a 24 hours service is possible. Because of our extensive machinery, we are able to conduct the appropriate treatment for products against competitive prices.

In short, we are your reliable partner for preservation projects.

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Quality is our priority. Through good communication and coordination with the customer, we achieve an optimal end result. Quality assurance is a matter of course for us in the process.

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High Quality

Fast delivery times

Customer-oriented service

Competitive prices

Large capacity